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You Can Toss Those Basic Vent Clips

Take your car atmosphere to the next level with our double-ring rotating car fresheners!
Sitting securely on your car dashboard or armrest, it’s powered by sunlight to spin faster and faster the brighter and more direct the rays!
Make your drive stand out from the basics and experience a car that’s truly alive!

Galaxy Interstellar Ball

Your detachable crystal ball features planets from the solar system: the Sun, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter.
When stopped at red lights, gaze into the wonders of space with our detachable crystal ball! This premium crystal ball includes nine planets from the solar system, letting you explore the beauty of the universe from the comfort of your car.
Venture into outer space and discover the breathtaking sights of the Sun, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and more!

Perfect Size For The Dash!

Easy to Clean

Don’t worry about your globe getting dusty, it is easy to clean with a mild soap and fresh water. It’s a simple and safe way to ensure your globe remains looking good-as-new for years to come.



Recyclable Freshener Ring Tablet

Eliminate unpleasant car odors with the Aromatherapy Ring made from pure plant-derived essential oils. Each tablet is mild and non-irritating, eventually evaporating without any pollution. You can also customize the fragrance by adding a few drops of your own favorite essential oil.

Enjoy a fresh, inviting car smell for months to come!


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