Go outside! Several outdoor sports suitable for spring

In spring, everything recovers and the mood stretches. Choosing outdoor exercise is the best way to exercise. At the same time, spring is the best season for health investment. Regular exercise can enhance the body’s immunity and significantly reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases during the year. Going out is not only good for the body, but the most important thing is to relieve the depressed mood in winter. A walk in the outside world, whether it’s an outing, mountain climbing, or other outdoor sports, will be more rewarding than indoor fitness.

Many people will be eager to try out when they hear about outing. Simple, economical, and easy green fitness exercises can keep people away from the noise of the city, bathe in the fresh air of the mountains and forests, and relax both physically and mentally. But what should you do? You might as well choose your favorite exercise method according to your hobbies.

Fast walking

Trekking refers to walking. According to the different areas to be crossed, it can be divided into many types of walking, such as suburban, rural, mountain, river and so on. But in most cases, walking is between the suburbs and the countryside. Hikers usually need to wear special trekking shoes to protect the soles of their feet when they are engaged in medium and long-distance trekking activities

On the days when spring is just beginning, hiking is a good choice. For people who usually lack exercise, it is not very scientific to practice running at the beginning, and it is easy to cause impact on the knee joint. It’s different if you go briskly. When you stroll around in the fresh air, you can breathe fresh air and achieve the effect of exercising fat. Experts suggest that the minimum amount of exercise a person should consume per day should be 3,000 calories, which is exactly the same as the calories consumed by walking 10,000 steps.

Tips: Prepare cold-proof clothing, comfortable shoes, and do moderate stretching and bending exercises. After 5 minutes of walking, you can speed up your pace. People who walk faster can walk about 120-130 steps per minute. It takes 1.5 hours to take 10,000 steps a day, and it can be done in batches, at least 30 minutes brisk walking each time.


A healthy and natural way of sports tourism, can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process. A bicycle and a backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Drive through the bumpy road, surpass the dark tunnel, experience challenges amidst constant difficulties, experience amorous feelings in a distant place, experience success at the end of the journey, and experience the joy of spiritual exile.


Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise. The air in the mountains is unusually fresh, which is beneficial for improving lung ventilation, increasing lung capacity, and improving lung function. At the same time, it can also enhance the contraction ability of the heart. The rough and uneven mountain roads are beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body and enhance the coordination ability of the limbs, especially walking on non-step road sections that have not been artificially modified, which can make the human muscle fibers thicker and muscular, and enhance the flexibility of the limbs. In addition, looking far away from the top of the mountain can relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles and relax and rest the nervous brain.

Tips: Mountaineering generally chooses to be in the early morning, but the intensity should not be too high, and the heart rate should be kept at 120-140 beats per minute. Mountain climbing should be done step by step, first do some simple warm-up exercises, and then gradually increase the intensity according to a certain breathing rate. At the end of the exercise, relax and let the blood flow from the limbs back to the heart. Pay attention to replenishing water during exercise to reduce fatigue and restore physical strength as soon as possible.


Jogging is a simple and practical exercise. It has a good effect on improving cardiopulmonary function, lowering blood fat, improving body metabolism, enhancing body immunity, and delaying aging. Jogging also helps to regulate the excitement and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance digestive function, and eliminate constipation.

Tips:Do 3-5 minutes of warm-up activities before jogging, such as stretching limbs and freehand exercises. The jogging speed should be controlled at 100-200 meters per minute, and each exercise time should be about 10 minutes. The correct posture for jogging is to make fists with both hands, the pace is even and rhythmic, pay attention to landing with the forefoot instead of the heel, and do finishing exercises after jogging. The exercise time is appropriate in the morning and evening, and it is advisable to choose a place with fresh air and flat roads.

In short, choose one or a few aerobic exercises that you like and perform under certain conditions, maintain a certain intensity and time, exercise regularly, and proceed step by step. It will definitely be effective.

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