It’s just your dog, but you are its life


There is a soft place in people’s hearts

In this place

There must be a little animal

Not so much

We are pet caregivers

Might as well say

Pets are our harbor

When lonely and lost

When I am confused and helpless

It will accept and accompany us unconditionally

it’s very cold today

But these sincere pet copywriting

Warm heart

It’s just your dog

But you are its life

No matter if it is waiting for the previous owner

Still waiting for me

I feel very touched and happy

It taught us the meaning of loyalty —— Never forget the one you love

The distance between life and death

For a dog

It cannot penetrate

It only believes that his master will come back

As a dog

It has its principles

Never give up, regardless of birth, old age, sickness or death

Except for the parents

The only creature that loves you more than yourself

If a dog loves you

Will love you forever

No matter what you do

what happen

How much time has passed

If you think dogs can’t count

Then try putting three biscuits in your pocket

And then only give him two yuan

It’s hard to imagine people who have never had a dog

What it’s like to live with a dog

People who have raised dogs can’t imagine

How to live without a dog

If a stranger hits your dog

It will resist and even bite him

And you hit your dog

Instead, it licks your hand to please you or screams and runs back to the doghouse in frustration

He knows he can’t hurt you

Even if you hurt it

You can tell me any sorrows

Actually I can understand

Would you please take more time to play with me?

Because the time I can stay with you is only this short 10 years

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